Short, sweet, crazy, messy, ugly, and truthful. Motherhood isn’t easy and staying at home all day alone with your mini me isn’t always what you thought it could be.The love the laughs the giggles the cries the tantrums the meltdowns and everything in between, who knew this little life could break the strongest Woman and make you feel like the biggest failure. As a mom I feel only Moms can truly understand this, men don’t get the words we say or the reality behind what we say, the context they take it in is not how we intend as it may come off as bitching we are only trying to express our day, vent a little maybe receive a little helpful feedback so you don’t feel like you are the only  failure in this life called Parenthood. Living the life with endometriosis means so many things that most people have no idea, my average day includes: nausea so bad most days I can only eat once a day, mood swings from one extreme to another from happy to sad to complete meltdown and hating life, the pain so bad it hurts to move, numbness in places there shouldn’t be, from enough energy to complete anything to a complete lack of any energy at all, the worst is when your hands and other joints hurt so bad you wanna cry when changing your child’s diaper, BUT I AM MOM, MOM GETS NO DAYS off  and life with endometriosis is just another HUGE bump in the road. With no cure and hardly any treatment available it is something we deal with mainly alone and suffer in silence because it is easier than being reminded daily how hard life really is. Not everyone gets it and not everyone cares, my story real raw the stuff I never talk about and the stuff I never cared to share but after a year as a mother, a stay at home Mom, a work from home Mom and the glue that holds everything together and no shoulders to cry on and no ears to listen (none that really cared) I turned to blogs and advice from real Mom’s and this helped me keep my Sanity, So my hope is to make at least one other lady feel like shes not alone and that it is ok to feel the way we do to share what we need to and just fucking vent and bitch if we please. Please share your feed back and advice, but keep your opinions or judgements to yourself as we are all flawed humans. Mahalo for the Read

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